In the year 2000 Proposition 215 passed. I was in Mendocino, California with the first medical marijuana doctors. Dr. MD Richard White (now deceased) and Dr. MD Milan Hopkins. We were fighting for proper medical access.

I have been smoking and growing marijuana since 1986.

Our Feminized seeds were bred by some of the most experienced Breeders with dozens of years experience with feminization.

The image of the original Mendocino Village US ID card from 2000 of the owner is available on request for legitimacy. Many claim to have been part of the movement. Our owner was really there and really involved.

We have no time for outrageous marketing claims or investments in cannabis cups. Which are more of a popularity contest than a fair test of strains.

Instead we work hard with the benefit of 33 years experience and passion for our beloved and amazing plant. We offer some of the best pallets of flavors and aromas out there with wonderful potent long lasting effects. Medical and Recreational.

We provide quality bulk fems to growers and dispensaries with competitive prices, we ship stealth.