In the year 2000 Proposition 215 passed. I was in Mendocino, California with the first medical marijuana doctors. Dr. MD Richard White (now deceased) and Dr. MD Milan Hopkins. We were fighting for proper medical access.

I have been smoking and growing marijuana since 1986.

Our Feminized seeds were bred by some of the most experienced Breeders with dozens of years experience with feminization.

The image of the original Mendocino Village US ID card from 2000 of the owner is available on request for legitimacy. Many claim to have been part of the movement. Our owner was really there and really involved.

We have no time for outrageous marketing claims or investments in cannabis cups. Which are more of a popularity contest than a fair test of strains.

Instead we work hard with the benefit of 33 years experience and passion for our beloved and amazing plant. We offer some of the best pallets of flavors and aromas out there with wonderful potent long lasting effects. Medical and Recreational.

We provide quality bulk fems to growers and dispensaries with competitive prices, we ship stealth.


We produced very potent hybrids, who dispels repeatability effects, mind bending high, we are not distributed like other seedbanks, if you buy from us, you will grow fabulous, beautifiul plants and you will be reward with a biggest harvest, more yields. The greed we do not invest in shows or cups and advertisments is reflected in the quality our hybrids. in 2007 when Pete started breeding fem seeds, there was not so many seedbanks, breeder/owner around. There is soul in our hybrids and lot of passion.

I was in Mendocino, Northern California, sharing offices with Milan Hopkins, the only MD allowed to offer lifetime Marijuana card at that time, near highway 1 where Richard White MD has his offices and dispensarie, nearby David Moore's farm.

Buying from us direct, is buying fresh stock from the breeder. The seed market rely on "drop by" seeds sent from a Distributor to the Stores/website after you purchased them. We do not have distributors. Stores showing our seeds for sale, do stock them, which is rare in this market, all stores/websites relying on his distributors and they are not stocking much brands. Buying here is also helping an independant seedbank/breeder who is not distributed like all other seedbanks.

Peter was in Mendocino in 2000 living nearby Milan Hopkins office, the only phd prescribing marijuana card for life at that time, fighting for proposition 215 Medical Marijuana where it has started in Mendocino, Northen California. Peter has smoked many hybrids from San Diego to Northen California from 1997 to 2004.

Engineering Bountiful Uplifting Floral Hybrids and Harvests, Female Cannabis Seeds.

1985 - 1997 Europe
1997 - 2000 San Diego, Southern California
2000 - 2002 Three rivers, Central California
2002 - 2003 Mendocino, Northern California
2003 - 2004 Albion, Northern California
2004 - 2014 Europe

Fast floral uplifting flowers, a real appealing florescence, dispelling repeatability effects, creating medicinal /recreational herbs for healing is what we focus. Short, fast stout plants, that will complete florescence in a very quick time.

Marijuana clusters are flower blossoms, no doubts, you will find, fresh new palette of floral/candy aroma, bouquet, with heavy glands, that will surprised you, and transport you to new horizons/recreations.

An inhale and exhale experience, for organic, non-organic soil grow, and or hydroponics, indoor & outdoor. For commercial and medicinal grow.

Improving breeding results/genetics and not diluting. Approaching the best potentials of all plants, to reach the peak of potency/bouquet/aroma of the parents used, the quintessence of marijuana. Recreation is healing.

We wish you a very nice high & harvest.